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Dedicated to be the best strength training facility in Cumberland/Harnett county!

Welcome to the Lion's Den!

Lion's Den Power House Gym (LDPHG) is dedicated to improving human performance. We believe fitness is achieved through physical, emotional (mental) and spiritual health. It is our mission to see every person we work with maximize their FITNESS so that they can maximize their potential.

Strength and conditioning are two fundamentals every athlete needs to work on consistently in order to improve their athleticism. In most situations, strength and conditioning involves any activity that can facilitate and enhance athletic performance, such as core and endurance training, jumping, running, and more.

Certified KG Weights and Equipment

LDPHG is the only gym in the Cumberland/Harnett county area that has certified kg weights and equipment to ensure lifters are competition ready!

LDPHG is dedicated to being the best strength training facility in the Cumberland/Harnett county area. We offer everything you need to meet or exceed your goals.

Our programs
Mitch and Amy Mason Lion's Den Power House Gym

We are also excited to have as one of our owners taken 1st place in Open & M1 at the 2018 South Carolina Championship, USAPL. Also, 3rd place finisher in the 2017 M1 Nationals in the 63kg weight class.

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COVID-19 Update:

Lion's Den Power House Gym can allow only 25% of its normal capacity in the facilities right now. To avoid having to wait to workout, we are asking all members who want to come to the gym to please reserve a time slot