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Strength • Conditioning • Fitness - For All Abilities & Ages

Group Fitness (Youth)

General Fitness & Conditioning

This program is designed to inspire kids to improve their fitness and become more active and energized. Total conditioning develops good exercise habits and awareness of nutrition in a fun supportive environment.

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Group Fitness (Adults)

High Intensity Training for all Ability Levels

Strength and conditioning are two fundamentals every person needs to work on consistently in order to improve and maintain their quality of life. In most situations, strength and conditioning involves any activity that can facilitate and enhance normal everyday performance. Activities such as squatting, hinging, pushing, pulling, lunging, jumping, running, and more.

In order to get great results with any strength and conditioning program, you have to be willing to put in the work. We’re confident that as long as you commit mentally, you’ll be able to make the physical progress you’ve been after within just a few short sessions.

Our Lion’s Den program for adults is a strength and conditioning program that is based entirely on science and research. LDPHG can help you:

  • Drastically improve your speed
  • Build total body strength and lean muscle
  • Increase your endurance
  • Lose body fat

All students BURN FAT, GET STRONG, and FEEL GREAT about themselves.

“LDPHG” is a SAFE and EMPOWERING program . You will learn how to train properly. You will be coached!



Don't forget to ask about out Silver Lion & Lioness 60+ classes. More information will be posted on our website soon.

Sports Performance

Ready to improve your vertical, speed and agility?

Basketball • Volleyball • Football • Soccer • Baseball • Marathon Preparation

Jump Start: Ages 10-12

In our jump start program we develop basic movement patterns primarily through bodyweight strength training

Total Performance: 13-15

In this program we begin the progression through the major lifts

Elite: 16 and above

This program is for serious high school and college athletes. The lifts and movements are taken to another level

Semi – Private (4 athletes max) – By request only

These are customized sessions for elite high school and college athletes only!

powerlifting at Lion's Den Power House Gym


Get Competition Ready!

LDPHG is the only gym in the Cumberland/Harnett county area that has certified kg weights to ensure lifters are competition ready. We are also excited to have as one of our owners the 3rdplace finisher in the 2017 M1 Nationals in the 63kg weight class Amy Mason

LDPHG is dedicated to being the best strength training facility in the Cumberland County area. We offer everything you need to meet or exceed your goals. We provide open training hours and personal coaching program.

Youth Physical Education

Youth Physicial Education

Stay active. Stay healthy. Stay fit.

Physical fitness is an important component to leading a healthy lifestyle. The inclusion of regular fitness activity helps students maintain fitness, develop muscular strength and improve cardiovascular health.

Youth Physical Education classes are available Monday through Friday.

Contact us for a current schedule. Space is limited.

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